Trial, Testing and Temptation

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Why do Christians have adversity? Every Christian should understand the source of adversity in one’s walk with the Lord. There exists a widely-circulated position among Christians that victorious Believers never experience adversity. However, the Bible teaches that Christians do experience adversity – even when they are giving close attention to their walk with the Lord. Let’s begin this discussion by introducing … Read More

How To Develop Good Spiritual Health

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Who doesn’t want to be healthy? I mean…physically. Of course, we all do. That being the case, we are certain that there are specific daily habits which contribute to good physical health; we call them physical hygiene. Nearly all of us took courses in elementary and high school that covered the basics of good physical hygiene. Everyone agrees that good hygiene … Read More

The Plan of Salvation

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Salvation is the supernatural act of God whereby we are born again (spiritually) into the Body of Christ. Salvation is not acquired through good deeds as so many believe, but rather through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. In John 3, a very religious leader of the Jews came to Jesus to inquire. Jesus told … Read More

What The Bible Says About Eternal Life

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Most religions (but not all) contain some provisions for eternal life of the soul after death. Today many Christians tend to confuse what they have heard regarding other religions with true Bible doctrine. Even within the realm of churches who proclaim to be based upon the Bible, there are tendencies to mix a measure of humanistic ideology with scripture, resulting … Read More