A non-denominational, fundamental, Bible-believing church.

Our Beliefs

Our mission is to:

  • Salvation

    Bring people to salvation through Jesus Christ

  • Bible Teaching

    Teach sound Bible principles that will nurture a believer’s spiritual gifts

  • Living Example

    Teach believers how to be Christ-like by serving others

Our Church Staff

Steven Brondyke

Steven is our pastor. He also serves as the Head of School at Grace Christian Academy, our largest outreach ministry. Steven earned his undergraduate and both of his graduate degrees from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He is married to his wife, Amanda, and they have two daughters, Hannah and Katie. Steven is passionate about preaching the truth of the gospel, teaching God’s word, and shepherding our church body. In addition, his two areas of specialized study are Systematic Theology and Pastoral Counseling.

Chris Hanners

Chris is one of our pastors. He also serves as the Assistant Principal at Grace Christian Academy. Chris is passionate about people, and is also passionate about Evangelism and outreach. Chris teaches Sunday School on Sunday mornings, and he also teaches Bible at our school. His heartbeat is for making sure that young people, specifically, are confronted with the truth of the gospel, each day, and that they are shown an example of Godly Christian living.

Josh Titus

Josh is our worship leader. He graduated from Liberty University and serves as the Worship Leader at Fayette Bible Church. Josh leads the worship team on Sunday mornings and also assists with the youth program. He also leads worship in chapel at Grace Christian Academy each week.

Our church believes the following Biblical doctrines. Click on the plus sign to read more.